Wild sky

Wanting to Fly (2005)

Inspired by the sight of a golden eagle wheeling high over the Lakeland fells, Wanting to Fly is based on two distinct groups of sound: an ‘air’ group which floats effortlessly above the world, and a remaining ‘earthbound’ group which aspires in various ways to take off and reach it.

Wanting to Fly (2005)

Wanting to Fly was performed by the City University Symphony Orchestra at St John’s Smith Square, London, on 23rd March 2005, conducted by Anthony Weeden.

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‘. .a thrillingly eerie score.. .’

Venue Magazine - The Illusion

. . I don’t think I’ve been quite so moved by an event in years.  I absolutely loved the work, it was so powerful on so many levels . .

Catherine Freda, Head of Education, St George’s Bristol - Home by Christmas