Bristol Spires

Opening titles to Show of Strength Theatre Company’s production of Good Works by Peter Enright at Bristol Old Vic Studio Theatre, directed by Alan Coveney.

Good Works

Music from Show of Strength’s production The Illusion by Racine, adapted by Tony Kushner, directed by Anne Adamson.

The Illusion

Drums and fanfare from Life is a Dream by Pedro Calderón de la Barca, adapted by Adrian Mitchell for BBC Radio 3 Drama, directed by Catherine Horn.

Life Is A Dream - fanfare

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‘. . a truly incredible premiere. . . the project did much more than commemorate an important moment in history. There was an overwhelming sense of community spirit and togetherness in the hall last night . .’

Director, Bristol Plays Music.

. . the most superb example of inspiring work involving so many participants of all ages and talents . . ‘. I, and many others I spoke to, were visibly moved at the end of the evening

Chair, Bristol Music Trust

Bristol Harbour Evening

photography by Theo Cottle